about me

I am your ordinary teenager who is passionate about what life has to offer and who is still trying to figure it out what exactly I want to be when I grow up (although becoming a litigator is on top of the list). I love giving a voice to all the thoughts floating in my head, hoping to change the word for better. I enjoy company of those who are passionate about staying positive during difficult times; who believe that giving back is a natural response to receiving. I strongly believe that you do not have to be perfect to be a role model. Often being a good Role Model is being able to admit to mistakes and allow yourself and others to learn from them. In my spare time you can find me riding a bike in the neighborhood, reading an inspiring book, attending kickboxing classes or swimming, in no particular order. I enjoy listening to the fabulous Adam Lambert, watching good films, giggling with my friends, debating and on occasion drinking too much diet Pepsi

My motto in life is simple:
Work Hard
Do The Right Thing
Be a Good Person
Never, Ever Give Up on Your Dreams

If I can inspire one person to Do The Right Thing when they least want to, I will consider myself successful. I firmly believe that life should be all about positive change, acceptance, allowing your individuality to shine and most importantly about being able to see your own reflection in the mirror with a proud smile of accomplishment.